Memorial Gifts For Christmas

Helping To Ease the Pain Of Grief

Christmas can be an emotionally daunting holiday – for many even in the best of circumstances. Factor in a recent death in a family, and the grief can make for an incredibly difficult time. So, sometimes, memorials aimed at respecting the grieving process can make for the best of Christmas gifts.

Christmas keepsakes offer a way to honor a loved one during a festive time

The memorial industry offers a huge variety of unique, inexpensive gifts ideas that can help ease the painful grief of a friend or family member who is spending a first Christmas without a special loved-one this year. Here is a summary of just some of the ideas.

Cremation Jewelry: If tiny bits of a person’s cremation ashes are still available (in an urn that is not permanently sealed, for example), cremation jewelry may be the perfect gift. Memorial dealers offer an ever-expanding collection of beautiful pendants that feature crevices to hold up to a teaspoon of ashes. These pieces are available in a huge variety of themes, including religious symbols such as crosses, angels and even rosary beads that are perfect for the spirit of Christmas. One note of caution about cremation jewelry: some people may not be entirely comfortable with the idea of transferring a portion of ashes to the jewelry, so these pieces may not always be good as surprise gifts. Check with your friend or loved-one about the idea of cremation keepsake jewelry before making a purchase.

Cremation Art: Following the same idea as cremation jewelry, memorial product dealers are now offering a number of unique artistic products in which cremation remains are worked directly into the piece. Art-in-Ashes is but one example in which a painter mixes a tiny portion of ashes into his or her paint and then applies it to a picture. Likewise, some glass artists are now mixing ashes with their glass as it is blown into miniature, urn shaped, pieces.

There is no doubt that the holiday season can be difficult for those grieving

More Elaborate Gift Ideas: Some memorial gift ideas for Christmas require a little more planning but, nevertheless, can be meaningful tributes to a special loved-one. Memorial rocks and memorial statues, for example, can make for beautiful additions to a home’s landscaping. So, what better way to pay tribute to a gardener, or outdoorsman of any sort, in your family than by installing a rock or statue in his or her favorite spot? Such a gift at Christmas time to, say, a spouse who has lost his or her partner, can make all future holidays something special, indeed. And, while they require more planning than other memorial gift ideas, they will end up being, to borrow an old cliché, a gift that keeps on giving – every time a visitor takes a look at it.

Other Christmas Ideas: The above is just the beginning. The memorial industry offers plenty of other ideas suitable for Christmas gifts. You can consider a memorial picture as an addition to a loved-one’s grave marker, for example. Or, you can explore a wide variety of interesting collectibles that can be personalized with engraving or photos. The fact is, if you are looking to make Christmas a little more special this year, a memorial gift is a great idea, as it can bring comfort to greiving families during the holiday season.