Memorial Rocks

A Unique Memorial Idea

Memorial rocks offer a unique memorial option for families wanting to capture the natural spirit of a loved-one’s memory. Designed to look and feel like natural rocks and boulders, memorial rocks can make beautiful, touching tributes to family members who always enjoyed a special connection with nature. Memorial rocks are often displayed subtlety as part of a garden or some other natural, outdoor display.

Natural memorials can help create a tribute to a person that truly loved being outdoors

Memorial rocks give families a unique alternative to displaying a loved-one’s ashes in a traditional urn or columbarium. Aside from the realistic texture of large natural rocks, memorial rocks typically offer a place to attach a bronze memorial plaque, and, most importantly, underneath the plaque, memorial rocks typically have hollow chambers in which families can permanently store their loved-one’s ashes. Memorial cremation rocks are popular for use in memorial parks, cemeteries, cremation gardens, nature trails and even private residences. There is also the option of memorial trees, which are made in the same manor as the memorial rocks, but are stylized to look like tree-stumps. These display options make memorial rocks perfect for memorializing people who spent much of their lives enjoying the world of nature. Memorial rocks can provide a more natural, some say spiritual, display option than traditional urns provide.

Great care is taken in the manufacturing of memorial rocks to make sure the memorial rocks are virtually indistinguishable from real rocks, the kind that nature makes. To make memorial rocks, skilled artisans use a special, highly sophisticated coloring technique that makes the memorial rocks look as realistic as possible. No maintenance is, therefore, required to keep memorial rocks looking natural for years to come. In fact, many who have purchased these nature-inspired tributes, have noticed that memorial rocks actually begin to appear even more lifelike as time goes by and the Earth’s elements work their magic. Memorial rocks are available in slate gray, sandstone, gray brown, granite tone and red rock colors.

Memorial rocks are made of materials that simulate the look and feel of real rocks and trees

Memorial rocks are designed to last the ages. They are molded from real rocks and, accordingly, are as durable as real rocks. They are able to withstand the harshest of Earth’s elements for year after year, and they can support more than 9,000 square inches of pressure. These memorial rocks even have one advantage over real rocks: memorial rocks weigh between 70 and 140 pounds, while their real-life models can weigh up to 1000 pounds. We are certain that you, and those who enjoy your memorial rocks for years to come, will hardly notice that our memorial rocks are not “natural” rock.

Aside from their nature-like beauty, memorial rocks offer families a special way to cope with their loss of a loved-one. A psychologist says that it is important for the grieving process to establish a special place in which lost loved-ones can be remembered for years after death. And memorial rocks certainly provide that place. Memorial rocks strategically planted in a garden, or any other special place, will provide years of comfort, and possibly even a little spiritual harmony, for family members and others who stop by to acknowledge the memory of their special loved-one. Memorial rocks can be the perfect way to preserve the memory of most anyone who enjoys a special connection with nature.