Memorial Jewelry

The New Way to Memorialize

Memorial jewelry is, perhaps, the newest, most novel idea in the memorial industry and it is becoming more popular every year. Memorial jewelry, also know as “keepsake pendants” or “cremation necklaces”, are small necklace pendants that family members can wear – usually under their clothes – or display in their homes to assure that their loved one’s memory is always close at hand.

Memorial jewelry allows an individual to carry a small keepsake of a loved one at all times

Pieces of memorial jewelry often have tiny compartments in which a small amount of a loved-one’s ashes can be stored. The popularity of memorial jewelry has increased in recent years, reflecting the dramatic increase of cremations across America. In this day and age, in which American families are often far flung across the globe, many families are finding that memorial jewelry is a nice way for several family members to share a love one’s ashes. Memorial jewelry is a good compliment to traditional urns, and is comforting for loved-ones of those whose ashes are scattered, instead of stored. Psychologists advise that, to ensure healthy grieving over the loss of a loved one, family should establish a specific place in which people can visit to remember a family member for years to come. Memorial jewelry assures that that memorial location is never far away. Many family members choose to store a small portion of the ashes in one or more pieces of memorial jewelry before scattering the remaining ashes at sea or over some special land.

But, all of that said, memorial jewelry is not only used for remembering loved-ones who have been cremated. Memorial jewelry is commonly used to store locks of hair of family members whose bodies have been buried, and memorial jewelry often simply encloses a special picture of a loved-ones. Many pieces of memorial jewelry are also engraved with special memorial quotations. The potential uses for memorial jewelry are almost as varied as the people it memorializes.

Memorial jewelry can make an excellent gift for a loved one or even oneself

Memorial jewelry is available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials. Memorial jewelry pieces can be made of wood, glass, gold, silver, diamonds and even tiny seashells. Memorial jewelry can be molded into the shape of crosses, hearts, cylinders, and many other designs. People of the Catholic faith can even find memorial jewelry pieces included in a traditional string of rosary beads, which are known as cremation rosaries.

As noted, most memorial jewelry is designed to be worn by family members who want to keep their loved-one’s memory close at hand each day. But memorial jewelry does not necessarily have to be worn. Several nice home display options are available. Memorial jewelry pieces can be hung beautifully in special dome display cases made of glass, and nearly all memorial jewelry comes with a beautiful storage box in which it can be stored and displayed when not being worn.

As the Cremation Association of North America consumer’s guide to cremation options notes, cremation, with its emphasis on reducing a body to mere ashes, can sometimes feel like an “end.” But memorial jewelry can do wonders for keeping a loved-ones memory alive for generations to come.