Memorial Products

A Consumer Guide To Your Choices

Memorial products that are designed to keep special family memories alive for the ages are widely available from dealers of memorial products all across the United States and the world. These products come in all shapes and forms, and dealers often have a surprisingly large selection. A typical dealer’s standard line of high-quality memorial products will usually include headstones, urns, statues, and even flag cases for beloved military veterans. But that’s just the start.

Memorial products include cremation urns, casket, headstones, and grave markers, among other things

Among the most popular memorial products are cemetery headstones crafted from granite or bronze and designed to last the ages. Other popular memorial products include cremation ash urns that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to capture a loved-one’s personality and assure it is remembered for years to come. And, of course, the same is true of many other memorial products, which include a wide selection of statues, memorial rocks, ceramic portraits, and cremation jewelery, just to name a few.

In the world-wide market for memorial products, bronze headstones are coming in increasing demand as more and more people turn to them to memorialize family members. These beautiful memorial products owe their ability to memorialize gracefully for decades to the sturdiness of bronze as a headstone material. Some companies specialize in this particular memorial product, and it is important to note that these bronze headstones often come with a free bronze vase. Other companies that sell bronze headstones and other tributes do not always make that offer, however.

Bronze earned its excellent reputation as a material for memorial products because it is an incredibly hearty metal that has been used over the years for everything from weapons to statues to tools, of course, headstones since at least 2000 B.C. Their long lasting construction makes bronze headstones among the best memorial products available.

Memorial products help capture the memories of a lifetime

While bronze headstones have made a name for themselves in the memorial products industry relatively recently, granite headstones have been, probably, the most popular of memorial products for centuries. Granite headstones might be considered the grandfather of all memorial products because granite, itself, is among the most durable natural materials that the Earth has to offer. Over the centuries, granite has long been known as Earth’s most elegant natural stone and it, accordingly, has been used to build, aside from memorial products for countless number of people, of course, many of the world’s most elegant structures. Artists and architects of the world’s most storied cultures (the Ancient Greeks and the Romans, to name just two) have used granite in their timeless creations designed to memorialize great people.

Many people arrange to buy a memorial product “pre-need,” that is before a person has died. Headstones and other memorial products purchased pre-need can have the name (or, in the case of companion memorial headstones, names) inscribed at the time of purchase, and then the death dates are added later. Many people choose this option for memorial products because they want the peace of mind that comes from choosing the design and style of their own memorial products.