Memorials are Forever in Life

A Motto to Live for in Life

Memorials are for ever in life and that is something that memorial industry professionals understand and always keep in mind when helping select a final tribute. You might say it’s even the industry’s customer service motto. People in the industry know that, because memorials are for ever in life, you expect only the best for your loved one’s memory. That’s because a final memorial is greatly important as it not only offers comfort to the friends and family of the dearly departed, but it will also carry on their legacy throughout history.

Memorials are forever in life and will be permanent tribute to memories long gone

Memorials can come in all shapes and forms. Whether they are headstones, urns, statues, or flag cases for beloved military veterans, one thing is certain:  memorials are for ever in life. Headstones are crafted from granite and bronze designed to last the ages and carry one the memory of a loved one to many future generations. Cremation urns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes designed to capture a loved-one’s personality and assure it is remembered for years to come. The same is true of the typically wide selection of statues, memorial rocks and other beautiful memorial products. Regardless of one’s personality, taste, or final wishes, there is sure to be a memorial tribute that will elegantly preserve their final memory for the ages.

So here is the real question: How do you pick the right type of memorial for a loved one? There are many things to take into consideration when answering this, often troubling, question. First off, of course, is to take the individuals final wishes into consideration. If they are interred, did they leave any specific instruction as to what type of headstone or grave marker they would of wanted? Sometimes, if a memorial is to be set in a cemetery, the cemetery may have restrictions which will affect the type of marker that is set in that section. If not, one can really have whatever type of memorial that would of fit the individuals final memory. On the other hand, if a person wished to be cremated, there are a great number of urns that will offer the perfect tribute to them. For example, if they had a more serious personality, perhaps a simple of made of bronze or wood can capture that aspect of their personality. Whereas, if they were more free-spirited, maybe an artistic glass or ceramic urn will fit the bill. For those who loved nature, memorial rocks offer an elegant garden tribute that can either hold just their information, or even the person’s cremation ashes.

Next comes the question of how to personalize the tribute. Grave markers can often accommodate not only text, but also an emblem, which is a small picture. This offers the chance to include a small nod to a loved one’s interests, livelihood, or passions. For example, if the person was in the military, there are many emblems of military insignias that can be added to the bronze or granite. If they enjoyed a specific hobby, such as working on cars, sewing, hiking, hunting or so on – there is an emblem that captures that activity. If they were passionate about a certain sport, there are many emblems of baseball, tennis, football, golfing or other options as well. Many cremation urns can also be personalized with an etching of a loved one’s name and dates, as well as a photo of their interests.

A memorial tribute today will be a place to gain information of the past tomorrow

Another aspect of personalization is text. But what is appropriate to write on a cremation urn, grave marker or other type of memorial tribute? Sometimes space can be limited, so a person’s name and dates only would have to suffice. But for memorials that have the advantage of more space, perhaps adding a more personal saying is in order. For example, if the individual had a certain motto they lived by, it would be very heartwarming for their friends or family to see it on their tribute. If they were religious, perhaps a certain scripture would beautifully capture their memory, as well as also comfort their loved ones.

The main thing to keep in mind when creating a tribute is that it may take time to come to a final decision as to what the right tribute is. Individuals should keep that in mind and not take it to heart if it is taking longer than they expected for them to decide. Creating the perfect tribute can greatly help in bringing closure after the loss. The motto “memorials are for ever in life” has its roots in the advice that psychologists typically give to family members of those who have died. An important part of healthy grieving, the experts say, is to establish a special place that loved-ones know they can visit periodically throughout their lives to remember the special person. So, in other words, memorials help the living as much as they honor the dead. They assure that family members can carry their loved-ones with them throughout life.